About The Zaval-Tex Vision

ZAVAL-TEX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, L.L.C. is a full service inspection and construction management organization comprised of construction experts who develop technically-sound and cost-effective solutions for oil, gas and pipeline clients.

ZAVAL-TEX is committed to customer satisfaction by providing responsive, practical inspection and construction management solutions to the petroleum, energy and pipeline transportation community. ZAVAL-TEX accomplishes their mission by:

  • Establishing partnerships with clients and providing practical and innovative solutions by utilizing experienced personnel and the latest technology and equipment.
  • Keeping a dedicated staff that includes experienced, highly-trained employees that understand the impacts of regulatory agencies on project design and construction as well as the pressures on client management that are striving to deliver a quality work product on time, within budget and safely, with no adverse impact on the environment..
  • Promoting a staff environment that encourages continual education, diversification of skills, and leadership participation.
  • Active involvement by the owners and officers, contributing to a superb record of delivering projects on time and within budget as well as maintaining aggressive quality assurance and quality control without compromising health and safety of workers or the community.

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