NDT: Radiographic Qualification Levels

Trainee: A trainee is a new employee with no certifications and only has a 40 hour safety class and can only work under the direct supervision of a level 2 technician that is a certified trainer.

Level 1 assistant: Is an assistant with a state radiographers card that can work with a radioactive source unsupervised and can work with a non trainer level 2 technician.

Level 2 Technician: Is the first level of a technician. He is state carded and can only work with an experienced state carded helper.

Level 2 Trainer Technician: Is an experienced technician that has had his state card for a minimum of 3 years and is a certified trainer that can work with either assistant carded or not.

Level 3: A level 3 is a very experienced level 2 technician that has tested and advanced to a level 3, with the ability to test and train new hire level 2 technicians and assistants as well as the authority to override a technicians radiographic interpretations if needs be, and also has the authority to audit NDE rigs for quality.

RSO: An Radiation safety officer is a company radiation safety manager responsible for personnel safety and state compliance of radiation certifications and safety equipment.

Office manager: Is a person familiar with NDT procedures that is responsible for scheduling, purchasing equipment, dealing with customer issues and acquiring new business.